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If You Build “YOU” They Will Come

Preston’s wisdom in summary:

• Instead of focusing on external things, focus on making yourself awesome.

• As you grow, the things, people, and positions come.

• You hold the key to everything that shows up in your experience.

• Be in “the know” of what you’re building – check in with your thoughts.

• Be → Do → Have • Fake it ’til you make it – There is something to this. Your physiology changes.

• Take the first step and the next step will appear.

• All that is for us will appear.

• God speaks frequency, and responds to who you’re being every moment (the now).

• There will be times when you have to give up who you are… to be who you are. • We are love, and are here to reflect the cosmos in an individualized way.

• When you truly listen to your intuition, you can go or do no wrong.

• You get to see who you really are through your response to negativity.

• The issue is never the issue – Negativity comes from pain and a desire to heal.

• Involution → Evolution → Revolution

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