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Equine Therapy – Ways2Heal Episode 1

Ways2Heal’s first guest is Kate Neligan, an equine-assisted coach who creates synergy between horses and humans in personal growth and development. Through ground exercises, her clients work on their health, wealth, relationships & careers and experience “aha” moments, break-throughs and transformation. This “way 2 heal” is great for adults and children who want to release negative emotions and stress while also developing greater happiness, well-being and self-love. Workshops and retreats are also available for non-profits and corporate groups looking for support with team building, leadership training, and communication skills.

Laurence Walsh-Hodson created Ways2Heal to help people understand that they can change their lives. They can heal their issues. Often they can get relief from pain, anxiety and depression. Please support her efforts here:

To learn more about Kate’s work or to book time with her and the horses please visit her equine coaching site: or call 310-963-8935.

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