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5 Steps to Attracting the “ONE”

Preston Smiles gives his 5 step guide to attracting a soulmate, with a little impromptu on camera help from the one he called in, Alexi Panos. Preston and Alexi are doing amazing work all over the world. Sharing and teaching others how to live in the light as they do. In this video, Alexi was in the background holding a reflector that shines light on the face of the person on camera, in this case, her man, Preston. A partner is a mirror for our true, behind closed doors selves. I wonder if they planned to have Alexi called in front of the camera while holding the reflector ,or if it was just another of life’s synchronicities. Regardless, they do shine brightly as they live the life they share with others.

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5 Steps to Attracting the "ONE", 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating