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Transformative Standup Comedy: The Power of Being Unlimited By Kyle Cease

Kyle Cease is one of the most in-demand young comics. Since his memorable appearances as the ‘slow clapper’ in “Not Another Teen Movie” and as Bogey Lowenstein in “10 Things I Hate About You”, Kyle Cease has had numerous TV, film and radio appearances.

Kyle joined the Awesomeness fest tribe in Maui, Hawaii.

Awesomeness Fest is a global non-profit, transformational event that brings together people who are driven to change the worldРentrepreneurs, authors, technophiles, mavericks, artists and visionaries alike. A festival that merges Burning Man, TED and an exotic vacation, the tribe dances the night (and day) away at incredible parties, goes on breathtaking excursions, form life long friends and connections and learn how to take life to the next level both personally and professionally.

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