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Humans Are AWEsome

This is a fun, breathtaking video montage of amazing human feats. If you love adventure and action sports, you will appreciate this video even more and might want to jump on a bike or hit the great outdoors. (Please don’t try this stuff at home though!)

Whether it be flying, jumping, riding, skiing, soaring, surfing, twirling, kicking, tumbling, running, bouncing, throwing, skating, climbing or hanging, as human animals we can do it all!

The human body is an astounding creation. Sometimes we have to just stop for a moment and revel at everything it does and how it works. The human body is estimated to have 60,000 miles of blood vessels (the distance around the Earth is only 25,000 miles) and the liver provides over 500 different functions. Videos like this one help us to marvel at what we can actually do with our magnificent bodies.

We truly are quite remarkable and incredible. I believe we are capable of anything we set our body, mind, and heart to accomplish. In 2014, what is on your Bucket List? What makes you feel Awesome?

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