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Life Lessons From The Vicktory Dogs

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Julie and her husband have worked tirelessly on their goal of eliminating animals being killed in shelters in the state of Utah. Listen to her share her story of some of the animals they’ve saved along this tumultuous yet rewarding journey.

Julie Castle is Chief Marketing and Development Officer for Best Friends Animal Society and one of the biggest champions of the animal welfare movement in the country. Julie graduated from Southern Utah University magna cum laude and interned for the U.S. Senate. On her way to law school in the mid-90’s, an unplanned visit to Best Friends Animal Society caused Julie to abandon law school as she was drawn to the Best Friends value of all living things. She became “Employee Number 17” and never looked back. Among Julie’s many accomplishments was as executive director of a Best Friends-led coalition of rescue groups, animal control agencies and veterinarians that launched as No More Homeless Pets Utah. The coalition was formed to help take the state No Kill by 2019 and is now called No Kill Utah. Julie helped design and implement programs that serve as models nationwide. In 2010, while undergoing treatment for cancer, Julie was also instrumental in No Kill Los Angeles (NKLA.) Julie lives with her husband, Gregory Castle, CEO of Best Friends and their dogs and cats in Utah, where they run marathons and hike in Southern Utah’s red rock wilderness.


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