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Yuck: A 4th Grader's Short Documentary About School Lunch from Maxwell Project on Vimeo.

A brave kid filmmaker goes undercover to reveal the truth about the food service program at his elementary school.

Written and Directed by Zachary Maxwell
Contact Email:
Twitter: @maxwellproject

Yuck: A 4th Grader’s Short Documentary About School Lunch

Zachary Maxwell’s documentary film on school lunches does more than expose the poor quality of food being served to many kids in the public school system. It shows how younger and younger individuals are increasingly able to raise awareness that will bring positive change in their worlds. Yes this is a film spent mostly on showing a problem rather than a solution, but it has some really funny moments and the tone invites creative watchers to bring a solution. Watch out world, kids like Zach are taking over and looking to improve a few things.

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